Sweet Life Q & A

Q~From Abigail
"Wait.....why won't you be able to sell them??? What is going on? I don't have kids yet...but I want my little girl to wear one of those adorable tutus one day!"

A~Sweet Life
Once CPSIA regulations go into effect on Feb 10th I would have to test each item used to make our Sweet Life Tutus which would cost between $300-$400 (or even more) each tutu. I would have to sell them for $450-$500 to make it worth my time. You can read an excellent article by Sarah Jane Studio tell more about the regulations here: Raise your voice for change! This is an issue that is going to effect everyone in the United States included schools businesses & more.


Anonymous said...

OMG! Are you serious???? I looked at the site w/ all the rules and regulations, but it was all crazy confusing! Man, that is the saddest thing I've ever heard!!! So there is no way around that law??? even if your tutus are all custom made??? Its not like you are mass producing them!!!!

T-Mac said...

Was there a specific incident or set of incidents that made this an issue? I just think it sounds ludicrous! You're right. Small businesses won't be able to afford that and will quickly just fizzle out.