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Here is the collection of the three creative websites I talked about on Studio 5 this week. In case you missed it our live outside Utah you can see my Studio 5 TV segment here: Creative Websites

TasteBook is a website where you can create your own professional looking cookbooks.

TastBook give you the option for you to add your own recipes or to choose from recipes from companies such as Sunset Magazine, Food Network and a ton more.

Another option is images. If you feel comfortable behind the lens of a camera you can add your pictures to go with your recipe or you can choose from some beautiful stock images.

Another great feature is the ability to share your recipes and your recipe book with friends and family. They can log into their account share recipes or you can have one of their TasteBooks printed and sent out to you.
They are offering free shipping now through April 21st!

Instructables is such a cool creative site. I made this York Mints Tin Clock for my boys bedroom. A great Recycle Reuse Reduce project. Instructables works for those who are creative or who a looking for ways to become more creative.
Find a Project:
At Intructables you can search through a huge site full of great creative projects from making a Cement Light Bulb coat hook to a Magnetic Rubik's Dice Cube. There are things to create that you couldn't even have imagined. All on this site.

Create a Project:
If you are the creative type you can make a video or slide show how to presentation and upload it to Instructables. Share you talent with the masses.

Spoonflower allows you to create your own fabric- professionally printed 100% quilters quality fabric. I made my Chocolate Berries print by scanning in these berry images from a book I have Plants and Flowers: 1,761 Illustrations for Artists and Designers. I then tinted the berries a pink and added the chocolate back ground color in photoshop. I did a more advanced print. It can be as simple as scanning in an image and uploading it to their site.

Be sure your images are JPG,TIF, PNG files

Image should be :
Size in pixels 1200 x 1200, Print size (at 150 dpi), 8.00in x 8.00in
If you are a designer who has always dreamed of creating your own fabrics now you can do it. For advanced tutorials on how to center a repeated print you can go here:

Have fun & be creative! I think I am going to go make an apron out of my Chocolate Berries print.

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Maria said...

You did a great job on the segment. Love your ideas. I have been meaning to start a Tastebook but haven't had time yet!