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It's that time of year again. My boys are starting their camping trips with scouts. I am sure all of the mother's of scouts have noticed that one of the boys ends up loosing something every camping trip. This year we decided to label all of the boys gear with the camp pack of Mabels Labels. I got the dog tag style tags for the tent bags, sleeping bag stuff sacks and backpacks. They make it easy for the leaders to see who each item belongs to. I put the water proof dishwasher proof labels on their water bottles, mess kits, flashlights and other miscellaneous smaller items. Each of their uniforms got a clothing label just so they don't end up with another boy's scout shirt. Now we are set for another year of camping.


Scrappycook said...

Hey April! It was so great to hear from you! you have a wonderful blog - I think I read about it on C Jane's blog at one point but did not realize it was you. You need to fill me in on what has happened with you and your family over the years - where is Becky these days?

Scrappycook said...

I knew Becky and Bethany had married brothers but did not know they were still in Vermont. Are they on Facebook at all? I miss New England - especially in the fal. We have really enjoyed living in the Twin Cities. There is a ton to do outdoors, wonderful museums and cultural events with two large cities within a half hour of where we live and the schools are excellent. Both wards we have lived in have been wonderful but the winters are definitely long. I could be happy here for a long time if we could just get some of my family to move closer!

marissa said...

ooh waterproof dishwasher proof that's really cool thanks so much for sharing