Sweet Crafty Creations * Upcycled Picnic Quilt

I have been collecting out grown, torn, worn, jeans and other clothes to make some upcycled quilts. Any clothing item that is made from heavier cotton or cotton blend material is perfect for this project. In the spirit of Earth Day tomorrow April 22nd we got out our collection to create some new picnic blankets to use at the upcoming outdoor concerts, family picnics, and camping trips.

Each of my kids have gone through the pile to pick out their old clothes to create their own custom quilt. They love looking at their old favorite shirts or jeans that will now become a quilt that will last for years. Quilts like this are very simple to make and only require basic sewing skills. The charm of the an upcycled picnic quilt is that it doesn't have to be perfect so it is a great first sewing project.

Cut out squares, strips or any shape you think would look great and simply sew them together with a straight stitch. Go back over the edges with a zigzag stitch to reinforce the seams. My quilt shown at the top was make from all sorts of rectangles to get the most use out of our material. Once all the pieces were sewn together I trimmed the edges even. Another great thing about a picnic quilt is that it can be any size you want. To finish I sewed a large piece of heavy weight cotton fabric and roll folded the back edges over the front for the edging. No batting, filling, quilting or tying. It's a great quilt to keep in your car for your last minute campfire.
-Use a cotton sheet for an easy backing.
-Use all those pretty pockets in your quilt to add interest and texture to your quilt. They are also a great place to stash little items like your mosquito repellent & sunblock wipes.
-Be sure to get a demin/jeans sewing machine needle for this project they are sharper and strong to hold up to the thick fabrics used.
-You can use scissors to cut your pieces but a roller cutter makes thing much easier and quicker.

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diclarkjapan said...

I'm always meaning to make one of these--thanks for the inspiration!