Sweet Crafty Creations * Decorating Easter Eggs

These two different ways to decorate your Easter eggs are so very easy. Most children ages 8 and older can participate in our fun decorating techniques. Another plus is that they can also be kept for years to come. You can mix up the colors and ribbons to match your decorations and style. We chose to create a vintage look.

-Raw eggs
-Liquid food coloring
-Seltzer water
-Dark Brown Craft Paint
-Old Toothbrush
-Craft Glue
-Stamp pad

{All photos & styling by me ~ Sweet Life Photography click to enlarge}

No. 1}
Start by coloring your eggs. Pour about 1 cup of seltzer into a glass. Drop about 10 drops of blue food coloring into seltzer and 1 drop of green. This will give it the robins egg blue. Place whole raw eggs into the cup leave in until desired color. For the pink eggs use 10 drops of red food coloring then drop 1 drop of blue food coloring on a tooth pick and quickly dip into the red seltzer. This will tint the red to a cooler color since a whole drop of blue will turn the water purple.
No. 2}
After the eggs are completely dry blowing out raw eggs directions here: How to blow out eggs.
No. 3}
For the Blue Robins eggs dip an old clean toothbrush into the dark brown paint and splatter the egg with paint with the brush facing towards the egg. Be sure to do this in an area where you can easily clean up paint splatters. Allow to dry completely.

No. 4}
Once the pink eggs are empty using your stamp of choice simply roll the stamp onto the egg repeating the pattern to cover the eggs. We used a rose stamp with a dark ink to get a toile de jouy effect.

No. 5}
Using craft glue, glue your ribbon around length of the dry stamped eggs. Top with a bow.

No. 6}
Display in a decorative container. We used a vintage candy dish.

Happy Easter!

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christy sheffield said...

These are absolutely beautiful! Can't wait to try this.