Sweet House Keeping * How to Get Your Kids to Do Chores

How to get your kids to do chores: Buy a new gadget for cleaning your home. Just this past week the conversation in the living room went something like this " Hey give me that!" "No! I want to vacuum!" "But it's my chore to clean the living room!" It sounded like a bit of a bad commercial. The trick is the new Dyson DC25 for animals we just got. Kids love gadgets and the Dyson is one pretty fun gadget to try out. It swivels into small corners, it sucks up dirt you never knew was down into your carpet and it has a handy handheld beater bar attachment for furniture and stairs. It has done a pretty good job of picking up all the fur our cats are shedding this time of year. Funny thing is my kids still after a week have volunteered to bring it over to grandma's house to see how much dirt they can get out of her carpet. Kids are drawn to gross things like dirt. Now what else can I find to keep this Spring cleaning momentum happening at our house?

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