Swim Fashion Week 2009 * Down East Basics * Swimsuits

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With fresh summer colors and flirty styles Down East Basics has some of my favorite swim fashions of the year. Yes, ruffles have it again. They even have a pretty little swim skirt with ruffle detailing. If I had to choose an era of my favorite fashions it would be the 1950's. Down East Basics Swim wear is reminiscence of the glamorous suits you would have seen Marilyn Monroe or Rita Hayworth wearing. Add a big hat and you will be ready for the beach.


Maria said...

Super cute suits! I need a new one!

The Boyds said...

very cute swim suits. i love the blue polka dot one.
hey, i was reading a friends blog, she lives in oregon, she posted about a dessert shop there called "sweet life", reminded me of your blog, their style is similar and so cute, here's their link:

Dastee Kids said...

I love these swim suits, they are the only ones I buy!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I really like that black ruffle one from Downeast Basics! Very cool, thanks for the tip.