Swim Fashion Week 2009 * mod bod * Modest Fashionable Swimsuits

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Summer is just around the corner and my kids have been racing down their slip 'n slide already. Now it's time to think about some new Swim Fashions for yourself. Today we are starting off our Swim Fashion Week 2009. All week I will be telling you about some great Swim Fashions that are pretty, modest and just fun! Be sure to check back on Friday for a BIG surprise.
Mod bod has one of my favorite swimsuits this year with their ruffly Aubry Tankini. I have a love for this suit on so many levels. First, it is ruffly which makes almost anything charming. Second, it comes in my favorite color of pink among other colors, then it can hide any little fat rolls one may have or help a tween teen girl feel comfortable with her new teen body. All of modbod's swimwear is a nice heavy nylon Lycra blend. The tops have a structured shelve bra that is just right for small or larger sizes. Check out their selection online at Blend Fashions or you can try them on at Blend Fashions in Pleasant Grove. Blend Fashions also has some really cute sunglasses & flip flops to go with your mod bod Swimsuits!
Blend Fashions
285 East State Road
Pleasant Grove, Utah

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marissa said...

that ruffle one is so fun and cute but I can't imagine actually wearing it