My Favorite Things * Redmond Real Salt

I would like to introduce a new Sweet Life Favorite in The Valley. I have used Redmond Real Salt for years. It is the only salt I use in my every day cooking. Their salt is pure, all natural, Real Salt from the earth. There is no heat processing, chemicals or additives to their salt. It has over 50 trace minerals we need for health. And it's from Utah! Did you know they also have a line of organic season salts? You can buy it in pouches to refill your shakers or salt keepers too. I love it. Salt is one of my things and this is a good one.

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Emily Hill said...

We absolutely LOVE Redmond Real Salt, especially because it hails from Utah. And I buy the pouches to refill my shaker all the time! I had no idea they had flavored salts--yay! I will have to go those a try!