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Our local farmers markets are FULL of hidden treasures but I wanted to share some of my favorites from the Salt Lake, Provo and St. George Farmers Markets. Attending them is our favorite family outing! My husband and older daughter run off as soon as we arrive to find fresh cheese from a local dairy farmer. My baby and I run off to find fresh berries we can carry around and snack on the rest of the trip. We always try to find some handmade soaps for our mothers and stock up on fresh organic produce for the rest of the week’s worth of dinners. I love talking to the owners of each booth and hearing their stories. It makes me feel good to know more about where my family’s food is coming from.

Provo Farmers Market
Drake Family Farms (also sold at Salt Lake Farmers Market) sells amazing goat-milk-based cheveres, cheeses, yogurts and soaps. When I want to brighten up my husband's day I bring him home a big bag full of their products. They put their heart and soul into their company and pride themselves on:
~Preserving their rural American Heritage by continuing to operate their family-owned Century Farm located in Salt Lake County.
~Producing the world's finest, safe, wholesome food products free of: antibiotics, pesticides, preservatives, hormones, artificial colors and artificial flavorings.
~Preserving our nation's environment and natural resources by producing food in an urban area, thereby reducing the consumption of fossil fuels used in excessive transportation and storage of food.
~Educating children and the urban public of respectable and responsible animal agriculture through displays and exhibitions.
~Providing a high quality of life for our livestock by providing humane and loving care.
~Making farming decisions that will preserve and conserve our environment.

St. George Farmers Market
I had never tasted a fresh pickle until walking through the beautiful Farmers Market in St. George. Who knew pickles could be so sweet, delectable and addicting! Be sure to find this little stand and pick yourself up a few bottles.

Salt Lake Farmers Market
You have not tasted pure full-flavored balsamic vinegar or olive oil until you buy a bottle from the Tony Caputos booth. The Roasted Red Pepper Sauce, Pesto and Artichoke Pesto are to die for! They have the best Parimigano Reggiano in the state---and we should know since we are obsessed with cheese. Don't forget all the packaged Italian meat cuts, vacuumed pack so it stays fresh.
One of our most favorite things to do at all farmers markets is grab breakfast. Every farmers market has fabulous cookies and freshly squeezed lemonades or juices; they’re pure heaven, I tell you.

Can you tell farmers markets make us happy?

What are your favorite vendors and items at your local farmers market?
From Vanessa {Sweet Life contributor}

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Kendahl, Stepmom Extraordinaire said...

My favorite vendor at the Provo farmer's market is, well, ME! :) My sister and I sell there when we can fit it in. You're right though, the people at the markets are incredible and so nice! I love talking with all the vendors around us.