Birthdays * Sweet Living

I was over at my friend Becky's blog Utah Loves Cupcakes and guess what I found out? Becky shares my birthday which happens to be this Friday September 4th. But not only did I find out that Becky and I share a birthday but also Marcee owner of Dippidee Bakery. I vote we all have cupcakes at some of our favorite cupcakes places around Utah in honor of us cupcake loving girls and our birthdays. Becky is having everyone vote on which cupcakes she should have for her birthday. Pop on over to her other blog and vote- Project Domestication Happy Birthday to us! & to you too if you share yours with us.


Heather said...

There are some AMAZING cupcake places around here, huh?!

Lisa said...

Happy birthday April!! Those cupcakes look amazing :)


Liz, Store Manager said...

It is actually my birthday...Marcee Kitchen, Owner of Dippidee. Liz manages our blog and so it says her name when we comment. I'm still to new at this to figure out how to change it. But how exciting that it is also your birthday. I want to offer you a FREE cupcake also. Stop in anytime, you deserve it, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Becky said...

happy happy birthday this friday!

i had no clue we shared this glorious day.

i'm so happy to hear you are having cupcakes :) hip hip and thx for the plug are to kind.

Pamela said...

Sweet Tooth Fairy is right around the corner from me and they were at the first Tom and Lucy Art Shoppe. I love em!!