Minication Salt Lake City * Smashburgers * Mini's Cupcakes

On the second day our Minication in Salt Lake City we had lunch at the new Smashburger in Sugar House. I loved that they offer a multi-grain bun. Tan enjoyed his Haagen Dazs shake so much he wanted another one even after having his Smashchicken sandwich and Smash Fries. The Haystack Onions are by far the very best onion rings I have ever tried. Yes, those are fresh jalaponos on my burger. I am a huge fan of spicy foods.

Later for dessert we headed over to the famed Mini's Cupcakes. I asked which cupcake is a must when in Salt Lake City and Becky from Utah Loves Cupcakes said Mini's. Our course she was right. When a baker can make a good vanilla cupcake you know they are good at what they do. Mini's makes their cupcakes with pure fresh locally grown and made ingredients.

Sha' waiting for me to order our Mini's Cupcakes. Mini's Cupcakes for our Mini-cation!

Above is a picture of some of the Mini's Cupcakes we tried the Pretty in Pink - Madagascar Vanilla Bean Cupcake with Pink Crème Cheese Frosting, Twisted Sister - Dark Belgium Chocolate Cupcake with Dark Chocolate Ganache Frosting topped with salty pretzels and a caramel drizzle, Smore Please - Dark Belgium Chocolate Cupcake with Marshmallow Crème Frosting topped with Graham Crackers, Black n White - Dark Belgium Chocolate Cupcake with Creamy Vanilla butter crème, Lemon Pie - Lemon Cupcake filled with tart Lemon Curd with Toasted Swiss Meringue Frosting, and Key Lime Pie Fresh Lime Cupcake filled with Fresh Lime Curd with Toasted Swiss Meringue Frosting. Although every flavor we tried is wonderful including the cream cheese frosting, the unanimous favorite was the Key Lime Pie and the Lemon Cupcakes.

After a fun day of exploring we checked into the Bountiful Country Inn & Suites. They were so nice when we arrived. There was even a big basket full of goodies and drinks waiting for us. Time for some more swimming and relaxing in the hot tub.


Steph said...

I think I am the only one in Salt Lake that hasn't tried Smash Burger. I need to get myself out there.

Were those cupcakes as good as the ones at SSR09? They look delicious.

susan said...

A agree that Mini's Cupcakes are mega delicious! I've yet to find better, and love the small size. It seems to make you savor them better.

Rebecca said...

I've never even heard of Smash Burger OR Mini's Cupcakes. Guess I know what I'm doing this weekend!

Amber! said...

Hmmmm, I must not be too terribly cool since I haven't heard of either place! And, honestly, it took me two posts to figure out what a minication was. I think I should fire up some more brain cells.

Becky said...

AHHHHH! So happy you were able to try minis! it's so fabulous. and yes the lemon meringue pie is a fave of mine too!

i love all but especially
the diva
vegan vanilla
cranberry orange (in fall/winter)
breakfast at tiffany's

i need to try smash burger! how cool!