One Great Recipe * Shirley J's Slow Cooker Seasoning for Beef

{photo by Fotohok}
A while ago my friend Becky told me about Shirley J. Since I am a huge make it from scratch cook and baker I wasn't sure what to think. After trying a few of their products I must say I am sold. I made their Slow Cooker Beef for my Summer Social Retreat and it was a HUGE hit. I served it on Judy's Rolls as a roast beef sandwich with a side of fresh watermelon and strawberries from Sunflower Market. Here is the most simple recipe for it.

Shirley J's Slow Cooker Beef
In slower cooker (crock pot) pour 2 cups hot water. Add 1/3 cup of Shirley J's seasoning. Whisk together. Place beef in slow cooker. Cover and cook for about 7-8 hours on low. I cooked it until the beef was falling apart. The Shirley J's seasoning will make a nice gravy to use over potatoes of as a sauce for sandwiches. SIMPLE & oh Soooo Good!

I can't wait to try their other meat seasonings-yum!


buttercup said...

That beef was sooo delicious! I just made my family au gratin potatoes with the cream sauce base. I have never made thse before and my kids LOVED it. I will definitely be buying more Shirley Js and I will be doing a blog post about our yummy dinner soon....Thanks for introducing me to the world of Shirley Js!

Becky said...

April, I'm so glad Shirley J was able to participate in the event. I had such a fun time and loved the dinner

it was so summer. so delicious. I love the beef slow cooker too!

Thanks for such a nice post! I want to make some of this right now!