Staycation Ideas * Day Trips with Friends and Family

A day out with the girls Utah Rocky Mountain Style with Rocky Mountain Outfitters. After gearing up we headed out with our fly fishing guide Scott. I have always dreamed of fly fishing. Dreams do come true.

Scott did a great job of teaching us how to wet fly fish. Yes there is a difference between wet and dry fly fishing. Here we are on one of the most beautiful part of the Provo river.

Within 15 minutes of starting our lessons Heather caught a fish! It was a brown trout. Now that is one good teacher. I am so glad we had a guide with us. It is well worth it.

It was so peaceful standing in the river. I could have stayed for hours. I am totally sold on fly fishing. It was so much fun. Yes, as fun as I had imagined. Let's do it again sometime soon. If you have been thinking about trying fly fishing I highly recommend it.
Scott Harmon

{The gorgeous fly fishing girls-from left to right Marie, Heather, Janet and me. }

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