Sweet Friends * Party Planning and Decoration Ideas

{photo by No Biggie cakes & treats by The Chocolate Bakery}
Last weekend I hosted a fun party/retreat for some of my fellow bloggers- our Summer Social Retreat. It was so fun to come up with a pretty color theme for the party. I wanted something simple but lovely. I chose robins egg blue, apple green, pink and chocolate brown-fun and summery.

{photo by Fotohok}
Since chocolate brown was one of our colors, chocolate became our drink theme. We had gourmet Coco Fizz Sodas by Durango Soda Company.

Everyone had a Startups Candy old fashion sucker complete with wood sticks. The treats became party of the decorations.

I kept the decorations simple from the pretty bendy straws to the place settings. Everything was paper. I used white butcher paper on the tables and scattered crayons down the middle so everyone could decorated the table around them. The center pieces were huge paper flowers in varying sizes. Very easy to make. I will post a how to later this week.

Everyone had a tissue paper flower corsage with their names on the leaves as their name tags.

This pretty candy buffet by Smile Now Photobooths was so much fun. We all took pictures by it. The jar on the table is my Expect Miracles Jar. Everyone wrote down something they are wishing for then to expect it to happen.

Since we were having an outdoors theme the rustic Soldier Hollow Lodge was the perfect location.

Word of advice for planning a fun successful party.

No 1. Hire a professional photographer to capture the fun. You will be too busy to remember to take all the photos. We had the wonderful Jennifer from Fotohok Photography capturing everyone and everything at our party.

No 2. Keep it simple.

No 3. Create a color theme and work with it.

No 4. It's better to plan for more.

No 5. Remember to have fun with your guests.

Me sitting in my Chic Apron and my cute Shade Clothing Pleated-Neck Dress enjoying the party.

{photo by No Biggie- It's always fun to get a group photo-too bad we didn't get everyone in the shot}


buttercup said...

Aptil, Thank you so much for hosting sucjh a fun retreat. It was so great to see old friends and make some new ones. You did a great job!

Camille said...

April, thanks again for inviting me to the SSR09! You did a fantastic job on the planning, decorating, and arranging sponsors for it! What a fun night! Looking forward to the next one!:)

Rachel Hagen said...

Looks like a fun retreat, sorry I wasn't able to make it. The decor looks beautiful though!