Other Stuff * Tips* Light Therapy for Healing

As I lay in bed this past week recovering from my Lap Appendectomy I was thinking about ways I could heal faster and better. I am taking my vitamins with extra vitamin C, eating good fresh foods, and drink plenty of water. I had almost forgotten a great tool I have from Quasar that I have been using for my face. The Baby Quasar Light Therapy tool is great for reducing inflammation. I remember when researching the Baby Quasar to see if it was really worth getting that many athletes use light therapy to help heal their injuries quicker because it increases blood flow to help with quicker healing. I have been using the Baby Quasar which uses the red light. It seems to be helping. It makes the incisions sites feel better if nothing else.


Marcel said...

April, you were missed last Friday. I've been thinking about you this week and hope you are feeling better. Keep us updated and let us know if the Baby quizmo helps out. Sounds pretty cool!

Marcel said...

April, We missed you last Friday. I'be been hinking of you this week. Sound like your Baby Quasar could really help out! Keep us posted:)