Recycle Reuse Reduce* Wanted * Scrap Lumber & Other Building Supplies

{photo from here}
This fall we are working on a fun project for part of our home school. Our plan is to create something completely out of supplies that are salvage or left over items from construction or demolition that would normally be taken to the dump. We are looking for metal roofing, bolts and screws, extra wood of all kinds, old signs or lettering, bricks, rocks, poles, railing, paint, un-used cement, and more. If you are remodeling, getting rid of some stuff or building a house and have some scraps please let us know what you have. We may just be able to save you some money (dump fees) and recycle a little too.

Email me at with Scraps as the topic.

Thanks! I will keep you up to date with our project as things get going.

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