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Recently I was able to visit Alice Lane to chat with the talented designer behind the store, Jessica. It is so refreshing to see such a wonderful transitional style shop right here in The Valley.
A little more about Alice Lane Home Collection and Jessica:

Who or what is your biggest design inspiration?
That is always changing. I still consider myself to be a student. I like to study the Style Makers -Thomas O'Brien, Vincent Wolf, Barbara Barry, Ralph Lauren... They are all originators of design. not imitators. If you're going to be a designer, I think you should offer the world some thing new, a fresh vantage point. I love hearing where they draw their inspiration from. It forces me to look at EVERYTHING differently.

Why did you decide to become an interior designer?
I was born one. It wasn't even a conscious decision I made. I studied Design in School, emphasizing in Graphics and Advertising. When I built my first home, everything I studied 10-15 years earlier came to life. 3-Dimensional design. Not trapped in my computer or on
paper it was real. It didn't stop with my home. I jumped into commercial spaces
and was starving to know everything I could about the design of Interior Spaces.

Tell us your wildest dream {now dream big} something you would love to do have or be etc :
I feel like I'm living it! I have a retail shop full of all my favorite things. I can finally offered my clients and customers everything I believe in and love. Taking it one step further, we are putting it on-line with the ability to purchase right from the web. We talk about opening multiple store fronts too. Our Customers in Vegas and California are begging us to take it further west.

Alice Lane Home can order a custom sofa. Don't you just love this white leather piece!

Custom accessories are also available. Look at all those fabrics to choose from for pillows.

I bought some of these glass nobs for my daughters closet doors to match her vanity. I may be going back to get some for door pulls on my new kitchen cabinets too.

This lamp matches my living room. I love the shade style. It is just the exact style I have had in mind for a while now.

Along with a great assortment of home accessories Alice Lane has some lovely accent chairs. Zebra print is The animal print right now.

I bought this beehive to place on my bookshelves to add to my collection of beehives. We are the Beehive State after all! Plus I love the motto of industry that goes with the beehive.

Not only is Alice Lane full of great furniture and home accessories they offer full interior design services. You go from design board to the fully finished room. The design board below is a design board they had ready for one of their clients.

Stop by to see for yourself!

Alice Lane Home Collection
1350 S. State St.
Orem, Utah
{kiddy corner from the University Mall}

Open Mon-Sat 10am-7pm

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Wow. Very beautiful. I will have to stop in.