Sweet Crafty Creations * Smock Bib Tutorial * How to

Don't worry, it's tiny but when you're done it'll be big enough- I promise!

Make sure you leave enough bias tape to tie a bow.

After you pin the neck on and fold in the ends of the bias tape,
sew along the open edge of the bias tape to keep everything in place.

Please try it on your child first to figure out the exact spot to sew the sleeve.
My 3 year old's bib sleeve turned out different than my 1 year olds' (meaning
where I sewed the back of the towel to the front of the towel to form the sleeve.)
Just pinch the spot or pin it and then take it off the child sew it.
I back stitched it a few times to make sure it was secure.

Enjoy having cleaner kids after meals from now on!

by Laura {Sweet Life Contributor-click here to learn more about Laura}

Note from April- This would be a great smock for art projects as well. Just use a larger towel for older children!


greenhoneyhive said...

I don't know why but I thought this tutorial was going to be a "smocked" bib, as in the type you do with a pleating machine and embroidery floss. This might be confusing to some, especially some of us "older" moms. Still a very good tutorial and a great idea..Easy and covers a lot....Thank you Kim www.greenhoneyhive.blogspot.com

Michelle said...

What a great idea! Thanks for sharing!