Sweet Crafty Creations * Tissue Paper Flowers

I love these tissue paper flowers. They are so easy to make, look pretty and can be used for many many things.

No. 1 Cut your colored tissue paper to desired size in squares.

No. 2 use 8 layers. I have found more than 8 is too thick. Eight will give you a nice full pom pom.

No. 3 fold tissue paper back and forth accordion style.

No. 4 tie with a coordinating ribbon or string in the middle. Trim ends at angle or rounded.

No. 5 gently separate layers and fluff.

We made varying sizes as center pieces at the Summer Social Retreat.

Everyone wore a name tag tissue paper flower corsage with their name on the leaf.

You can also use these lovely tissue paper flowers for a pretty topper for a present or connect a few for garland.


Lisa said...

April, how clever, and great tutorial!! I can't wait to make some of these lovely flowers!!

Thank you!!
Lisa B.

Danny & Nicole Larson said...

What a great idea! This would be so fun for Mothers day....too bad it is far away!
It looks beautiful as a center piece as well!

Valerie said...

Thanks for the detailed instructions with pics. I might even be able to do it!