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A lot of us are striving to fill our homes with natural, earth friendly and organic items. We do this with the clothing we wear, the food we put in our bodies and the products we put on our bodies, along with many other ways.
Our family sends a good amount of flowers to family members in the state of Utah and also in other states throughout the year. When I went online to check out some floral arrangement and ordering services, I started thinking about how I never have been terribly impressed with the flowers. Then, all of the sudden, it occurred to me: why wasn't I looking for eco-friendly organic all natural flowers like I do with everything else? Were they even out there? Would they be terribly expensive?

Well they ARE out there, they ARE affordable and the quality is much much higher. They strive to meet the highest social and environmental product standards set forth by the following certifying agencies: USDA certified Organic, Veriflora certified sustainable, Demeter certified Biodynamic, Fair Trade, Smart Certified, and Green-e. And they work hard to employ eco-friendly practices whenever possible by using recycled, recyclable, tree-free, biodegradable, compostable, post-consumer, wild-crafted, and/or all-natural materials, printing with vegetable-based inks, and using carbon offsets, renewable or efficient energy, and minimal toxic chemicals.

Here are my two favorite companies:

California Organic Flowers is a wonderful company that prides itself on growing and then selling their own organic flowers from their farm. They also go by the motto that, "Flowers are our way of celebrating nature, and celebrating ourselves, so they just have to be grown in a way that cares for the environment or it defeats their whole purpose."
Organic Bouquet is a company that has been around since 2001 and works with their partner farms in providing their customers with organic and beautiful flowers to deliver. The company has played a key role in "the transformation of the floral industry by promoting and living up to the highest social and environmental standards—developing the most eco-friendly floral packaging, initiating the industry's first carbon offset program, and growing our flowers in a way that is gentle on the earth and that safeguards the ecology and the well-being of wildlife and farm workers"
Happy Flower Shopping!

by Vanessa {Sweet Life Contributor-click here to learn more about Vanessa}

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Sandi said...

thanks for the update. I found out that sustainability is more comprehensive than organic - organic is good, but "sustainable" includes fair labor practices, farming practices that conserve water, minimize agrochemicals, support local habitat for wildlife, and have quality standards. Veriflora has all these things and I can get from Organic Bouquet and Whole Foods