Christmas Gift Idea 2009 * blabla Giselle Ballerina Doll

I absolutely love this soft pretty knit doll for girls. The Giselle Ballerina Doll by blabla is one of my favorite choices for girls for Christmas. The pictures really do not show how pretty she really is. It's great for little girl as well as older girls. Her details such as the cute braided buns and her ballet skirt and slippers are all sewn in to her body. Blabla also makes a whole bunch of soft dolls from dressable to kitty cats to finger puppets.

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Stephanie said...

Those ARE beautiful dolls.

Even though I have two little girls (a 3-year-old and a 9-month-old), we don't have many dolls around our house. In fact, I think we only have one...and it's definitely not as pretty as that one is.

Great idea!