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While I was at Disneyland I met Stephanie from Metropolitan Mama. A little while back she tweeted something about family friendly airlines-did anyone know of one. I gave a shout out to my favorite so far Jet Blue but are there any real "family friendly" airlines out there? Not really. Why hasn't the airlines caught on to this yet? Why don't they offer kid friendly snacks? Why not have a section for those traveling with kids so those who don't want to travel next to kids have their own space and the parents who do have kids don't have to feel like they are on pin and needles making sure their kids aren't annoying those near them. Check out Stephanie's post Which Airline is the Most Family Friendly? Airlines if you happen to read this- ask us moms for some ideas. We have a ton that would make your airlines "Family Friendly" and all those traveling your airline happy too. Just a thought.


Mommy, I'm Home said...

Personally, I've been happy with Southwest when traveling with my daughter. No kid-friendly snacks necessarily, but they do hand out kid activity packs. And the people are super nice. Plus they don't charge for bags, which is important when you're traveling with a child who likes to bring everything she owns.

Stephanie said...

Thanks for linking to my article, April. I sincerely hope that the airline industry begins to more seriously consider how to make flying a better experience for families.