Welcome * Patina Handmade Market

We have a new advertiser on Sweet Life in The Valley- Patina. Welcome! Patina is like one of your favorite boutiques that is open all the time.
"Patina offers a variety of unique, stylish handmade items all in one place and because the selection changes weekly, there’s always a reason to come back. Everyone who visits Patina can learn about the world of art – artists and not-yet-artists alike. Local artists/crafters/creators can gather to sell their creations AND learn from each other.
Patina has a great easy-to-find location on Main Street {212 South} in Pleasant Grove, Utah."

Patina website
Patina on Facebook
Patina on Twitter

If you would like to advertise on Sweet Life in The Valley please contact me for more details and please read our Sweet Advertising page.

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