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I mentioned a little while back that my twins were getting braces. We found the best orthodontist here in Orem. He is kind and praising with his patients, has a fun atmosphere in the office and offers great incentives to keep the teens brushing and flossing in between visits. He also offers a great incentive for the parents. He has a great word of mouth referral program where your friends and family get $100 off their treatment and the person (you) who refers their friends also gets $100 off their treatment. Everyone wins! He told me there has even been some who have paid their entire treatment with referrals. The thing that is even better is his prices are great ,the payment plans are great and we have been very pleased with the progress both of my teens have seen in their teeth so far.Dr. Thompson offers a FREE consultation and won't pressure you into getting something you don't need.

Dr. Wade Thompson
Utah Orthodontist

380 W. Center St.
Orem, Utah 84057
Phone: 801-375-7088
Twitter: @ThompsonBraces
Facebook: Thompson Orthodontics 

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rawmelissa said...

OH, my daughter needs braces. Been wondering who to go to! Thanks sweet life!