Living The Sweet Life * KettleWorx Exercise

One of my New Year's Resolutions is to be more active everyday. I have been looking for some exercise videos I can put in when I have a spare moment. I tried this new to me program called KettleWorx. I was impressed for a few reasons. One of my biggest challenges with exercise videos is that I get bored quickly. Loved that the KettleWorx changes from one exercises to the next right as I am on the verge of boredom with the repetition. You use a small weight called a Kettle Ball to tone and balance as you do your repetitions. It is just the right amount of weight to tone without bulking up. The program also does it's exercises in sets so if you are in a hurry and have less time you can choose to do one or two sets if needed. They also offer 10 minute quick work-out sessions too. I love it because it's quick thorough and doesn't bore me. All winning qualities in a good workout. What is one of your favorite workouts and why?

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steenky bee said...

I tried those kettles for the first time last week and ohhhhhh how I felt the burn! The stabilization your body must do in order to complete the routines really makes a huge difference!

As an aside...I remember you from Krisina's get together. I wish we had more time to chat! Your site is lovely! I stopped posting for a while, but I'm back and going to give it another try. Off to read more!