Good Eats * Smashburger

We have a Smashburger in The Valley! Have you tried Smashburgers yet? If not, I recommend it. Why Smashburgers? Because it is different. Different in a good way. Every detail of how they prepare their food comes together into making some of the best burgers ever. Do you know what really makes these burgers over the top good? Butter. It creates a yummy caramelized layer on the meat.

Not only do they make great burgers their salads are amazing too. This is the Smashwedge salad with big chunks of yummy blue cheese, thick bits of apple smoked bacon and other yummy pieces.

Now let's talk about the shakes. These aren't just any ol' shakes they are made with Haagen-dazs ice cream. Like I said it is about the details at Smashburgers.
Check out more photos from our visit to Smashburgers including photos of the making of a Smashburger here: Smashburgers Orem 

Smashburger in The Valley
542 E. University Parkway
Orem Utah
10 AM - 10 PM 
on Facebook- Smashburger
on twitter-@smashburger

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Steph said...

YUMMY! We went to Smashburger in Sugarhouse for my birthday in September. Everyone died over the shakes.

Emily said...

Looks so yummy! We'll be trying it soon!

Carrian said...

my husband will go crazy to see these pics. He loves trying out new burger places