Sweet Life Special Request

I would like to ask a great big favor to all of our wonderful Sweet Life in The Valley readers. It may be a week or maybe a year before I get back. My hopes are a week.
The Favor:
If you have a blog, a facebook account, and/or twitter account could you please let everyone know they can find us at
I would be forever grateful to you all if you posted a quick post on your blogs with the link to our blogspot
When I do get back the great thing is all the links will automatically re-direct to the .com
If you have ever linked to Sweet Life in The Valley in a post would you please change the link in that post.
Thanks a ton! And thanks so much for your support! I have the best readers in the whole wide world!
Back to our regular posts tomorrow.

Here is the new button for Sweet Life in The Valley :

Get your button here


Heather Solos said...

April, you need to change the link in your header, it's linking back the the .com link. Good luck with getting your domain back.

steenky bee said...

Good luck, April! I'll put you on my blogroll for sure!!

Nicole said...

Consider yourself linked

It was great to meet you on Saturday. Good luck with your domain revival nightmare. I almost lost mine a few weeks ago when my transfer from Blogger to Wordpress took FOREVER.

Roberta said...

My blog is all updated now April with your pretty new button and link to your blog :}