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Walk-in Dream Closets by Lisa Adams

The next thing on my Dream Home must has list is a wonderful large custom walk-in closet. My dream closet is bigger than my current bedroom. I want it to be a place to dress, to plan, the think and to hide. Yes, to hide for everything that is going on in the rest of the house. Here are a few must haves for my dream closet.

No.1& No.2 A comfy chaise lounge to sit, to put on shoes, to lay out clothes and for the kids who have to talk to you when you are getting ready.

No.3 A full floor length beveled vintage style mirror.

No.4 Vintage dress form for holding things such as scarfs, dresses long necklaces and more.

No.5 Wooden hangers- they are so much nicer than plastic hangers and they make everything look better took.

And a beautiful chandelier like the one pictured in the closet above. What would you like included in your dream closet?


Maria said...

I want lots of clothes and shoes to fill my dream closet:)

Jill said...

My dream closet would just have clothes that actually look good!