Sweet Green Living * Candles and Earth Hour

Tomorrow is Earth Hour. On March 27th at 8:30pm local time turn off your lights and unplug from everything for one hour. We participate every year. This year I found a great candle company and I mean GREAT! to use to light our home during Earth Hour. I am very picky about my candles and products we use in our house since we started going green, organic and natural in our home. The Makana Candles are pretty much my perfect candle. They are hand-made from soy, scented with all natural essential oils and all natural cotton wicks. They are GMO-free, phthalate free, lead free, petroleum free and dye free. Check, check, check,check and check. Yep, my perfect candle. Plus, they smell amazing. I have the vanilla bean hope candle to burn tomorrow. I think I need to get one of the Calamansi Lime  too. It sounds so yummy.

Makana Candle Studios sent me one of the candles to try and just like always I only tell you about it if I really like it.

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