One Great Recipe * Roast Chicken tips and ideas

 {photo from The Kitchn }
I bought a coupe of nice sized all natural roasting chickens because they were on sale and sounded like a great dinner. I did a little research because to be honest the very few times I have roasted a chicken I really didn't know what I was doing.  I found this absolutely BRILLIANT idea for roasting a chicken on The Kitchn by Sara Kate Gillingham-Ryan. What a great way to use your bunt pan and as she points out soooo much less expensive than buying a pan made for this purpose.

  {photo from The Kitchn }
Another great tip I found is to turn your oven up to a high heat around 450 degrees for the first 15-20 minutes until the skin in lightly browned then turn it down to 375  degrees for the rest of the cooking time. This allows for a great crisp skin and a very juicy breast meat. I did it and it was a success!
To get a nice golden and rich flavor from my roast chicken I rubbed the entire outside and inside with butter then put some butter, fresh herbs from the garden, crushed garlic cloves under the breast skin. Then salt and peppered the outside and inside heavily. The flavors were subtle and wonderful!
I must say with these few tips roasting a chicken is very very easy.
Note: no basting, tying or anything special required.


meg duerksen said...

hi april.
i found you through country living. :)
i always check their country life features.
you have a great blog! and i LOVE the love adn logic for teens. i think i need to read mine again!

Becky said...

Thanks for the tips.