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Have you seen this phone yet? I recently had the chance to give the Fender My Touch phone a test run. Since we are on the T-Mobile network and I need a good phone with internet and this was my top choice. Doesn't the Fender design look amazing! It feels just like a guitar in hand. It has a good weight to it and comes in a nice guitar like case too.

Some of the features I like about the My Touch Fender are:

-Google browser ( I am a huge fan of all things Google)

-3G which means it is fast when you are using the internet

- It's an Android, tons of great apps including Facebook Twitter & Pandora Radio (you will have something to do when waiting in the Dr.'s office or grocery store line)

-Email syncing with your Gmail account (you can read and send email from your phone)

-8GB of storage which means you can store movies and tons of songs (it will replace your mp3 player)

- Built in 3.2 MP Camera and Video You can then post them to Picasa and your videos on YouTube

- COOLEST FEATURE EVER! Do a Google search by just talking into the phone. It includes a GPS so it will find you the local business related to that search too.

-Another superly duperly cool feature the plug in charger cord is also a USB cord that you can connect right to your laptop or desk top computer. You only need one cord!

-One last feature I like is the predictive text. It guesses what you are typing so you only have to type part of the word and then choose the word you mean. It is much faster than typing out all your word. It also remembers names and words you type often.

{Here is one of the cool apps it comes with the guitar solo}

What kind of phone do you have? What are your favorite features or must haves for your phone?

samples provided by T-Mobile for review

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