Find of the Week * Natural Sunblocks

We only use natural sunblock. Since sun screen is a necessity in the Utah summer months I decided to try  some different brands and share the ones we like to use. I was looking for sun screen that uses natural ingredients rather than chemicals to protect you from the sun. Here are few of our favorites.

Badger's SPF 30 Sunscreen uses zinc oxide 

Kiss My Face Sunspray Lotion great natural spray to replace those other sprays that are full of chemicals.

Alba Hawaiian Sun has tropical botanicals added for skin care benefits and great smell.

Do you have a favorite natural sun screen, block or sun care product?

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I just bought some from JASON, and so far so good! said...

I have just been thinking about this and wondering if there was anything good out there that really worked. Thanks for the tips!

. said...

Sarah-I like JASON too. I had some a couple of years ago.
Heather-All of the organic and natural sunblocks I have used work great.
April~Living The Sweet Life

Jen @ Just for Rachel said...

Hey, I found you through TDC! I am glad I saw this post, because it reminded me I need to get some natural sun screen. (I have recently been learning about natural skin care, and need to stop using my chemical filled sun block) Have you ever been to They probably have all these brands, but it's cheaper than at health food stores.