Spring in to Summer Fashion * Hobo International

You wouldn't be complete without a nice handbag to hold all your "stuffs" you need on hand at a moments notice. I have decided that Hobo International is one of my very favorite companies for handbags. They are by women for women which means they get it. They know what will feel comfortable and how we need to store our little necessities.

I love the Clara bag. It has a magnetic closure rather than a zipper on the main opening which means it is super easy to get into when holding a baby or on the phone. Plus, the magnet is strong enough that if you drop your bag all the contents stay put rather than falling all over the place.

The Jude bag is amazing. It's big enough to hold a netbook, iPad or even some spare diapers wipes & extra outfit for baby but still small enough you aren't over whelmed with a heavy big bag. It even comes in the fashion color of the year Turquoise.
Another great feature of all the Hobo bags are the pockets and the pretty lining. I have a pocket for my phone, business cards,, lip gloss etc,  plus a zipper pocket for those things you really don't' want the cashier at Borders or the grocery store seeing.
I get complements everywhere I go with my Hobo bags.  Love them.
You can find Hobo bags at places like Nordstrom & Bloomingdales. 

Thanks to Hobo International for providing these lovely bags to review& no they didn't pay me to say I love them I just do.

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Sarah loves it all said...

You have a darling blog. I was really sad that we weren't able to get your presentation at the CBC!