Happenin' in The Valley * Raw Melissa Classes Local Foods Made Easy

You will love these classes with my friend Melissa. She is the chef behind the Raw Melissa foods found locally at places like Good Earth. Every thing she makes is fresh, clean, beautiful AND delicious! She is offering both a Dessert class and Local & Seasonal Made Easy Class. Click here for a complete list of classes and dates. They run through September 25th.
Raw Melissa Workshops
"Expect to get generous samples of each of the foods listed! We can only take 15 participants in each of these classes so sign up QUICKLY. A BIG THANK YOU TO JACOB'S COVE HERITAGE FARM for supplying all the produce and the location for the classes!"

Melissa is also a cooking contributing editor for my online magazine This week she has a recipe for Turkish Apricot Candy Yum! Makes me think of Turkish Delight.

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