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I Love Movies- Part 1
A four part series of my must have movies. They are movies I've bought more than once because they were either first on VHS and we needed to upgrade to DVD or once up graded to DVD watched so much they were scratched and we needed a new one.
Watch them when you are sad, sick, need a lift or just because-chick flicks:

{my go to movies I have watched a hundred times, know the lines and will watch a hundred more!}

Sleepless in Seattle {1993} -
One of the best things that came out of the 90's is "Sleepless in Seattle." There are sooo many things about this movie that make it great.  Love Nora Ephron {director}. She is amazing at creating an enjoyable romantic comedy. I love that Sam {Tom Hanks} is an architect, swoon. Love his house on the lake in Seattle. Love Seattle period. I love that Annie {Meg Ryan} takes a wild chance at finding true love to the point that she flies across the country. From the fireworks over the lake to the cute valentine in the window display "Sleepless in Seattle" is a movie full of pretty and charm.

While You Were Sleeping {1995}-
Charming sweet romantic comedy.  I think this is still my all time favorite performance by Sandra Bullock. The entire cast of actors  created a believable sweet family that you to " fall in love" with just like Lucy did and confesses at the alter. I love the old Chicago neighborhood were the Callaghan's live. I grew up in the Chicago suburbs. It reminds me of many of the older well established neighborhoods. Clean, sweet, romantic and makes you believe true love could be waiting for you anywhere.

You've Got Mail {1998}-
The first movie to take us into the world of the internet, online dating and messaging,  Nora Ephron {director} hit it out of the ball park again with "You've Got Mail." Of course, Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan's chemistry on screen as down to earth believable characters played a big part too. One thing I absolutely love about Nora Ephron's movies is the set decorating. Each of the characters homes are true to their personality. Each setting is perfectly created so you want to jump into the movie and be in the places she creates. My dream- to take a tour of the charming places in the movie around New York City.


Michelle said...

April, my favorite "comfort" movie is You've Got Mail!!! I love the set design, in fact that is why I watch it over and over. Kathleen Kelly's apartment is a dream, and the Shop Around the Corner is so sweet and charming. I absolutely love spaces like these!!

. said...

I watch it for the very same reason!
April~Living The Sweet Life