Now Simply The Sweet Life

Same Sweet blog just a little different name.
Do you remember a few months back when our domain was stolen/hacked. After months of trying to get it back with it sitting in domain name limbo I have decided to change our name and domain to Simply the Sweet Life. If you link to we would love to have you please change your link to I look forward to many many more blog posts to come.
Have a great weekend!


Fancy Builder said...

Wow, what a saga! Great new name, I'm sure it will bring great things.

. said...

I am sure it will too-Thanks!
April~Living The Sweet Life

Lisa said...

I love love reading your blog. I am new to Utah and find all your information so helpful! Thank you for putting this together and helping others find their way around to fun places! Random question...I am throwing an outdoor movie party and was wondering if you had or know of a cute invitation that I could use? I am clueless on the creating anything in photoshop. Anyway, thanks so much for your help!

Anonymous said...

Love it :)

Eddie & Jaithan

. said...

Thanks Lisa. House of 3 has some great vintage looking tickets. I would check them first. They have so many beautiful graphics.
April~Living The Sweet Life

a pina colada said...

Love the new name and logo! Simply sweet!