Local * Amano Chocolate Factory Store

If you haven't been to the Amano Chocolate Factory Store yet you should go check it out. Art owner of the award winning Amano Chocolate has open a store right near the factory.

You can buy all the chocolate bars including their new Chuao which is from the coveted limited finest in the world Chuao cocoa beans from the northern coast of Venezuela. I tasted it and believe me it is the best chocolate hands down.

Art commissions a talented artist create a painting every time he comes out with a new Amano Chocolate. He believes the packaging should reflect the product inside. Each of the original paintings are hanging the Amano Factory store. Stop by, sample some chocolate, enjoy the art and stock up.

Amano Chocolate Factory Store

450 S 1325 W
Orem, UT 84058


Rob Caldwell said...

Can you tour his factory? I really wish there were more businesses that would open up to see how everything works; even charge for it and make some extra money....

April~Living the Sweet Life said...

Not that I know of... I have toured the factory and the antique equipment is nice. Food Network did on Unwrapped here