Create * Autumn Vintage Print

Happy first day of fall!
Confession- I buy vintage labels. I almost never have a project in mind for them. A local antique store has drawers of them for me and I buy some every time I stop in their shop. I have them in files and envelopes. I love them. I use them for inspiration. I was looking through them today and found this vintage Sweet Apple Cider label. It reminded me of Autumn days of fresh apple cider. I love the green and the apple image in the center. I am sharing it with you in a printable version so you can create something lovely with it for Autumn. I would love to see what you do with it so be sure email me with all your projects.
sweetlifeinthevalley @ gmail subject apple cider
Get your printable version here: Vintage Apple Cider Label


Lindsey Johnson said...

Just seeing that makes me homesick! We lived in the town just north of Mount Vernon. Love that label!

April~Living the Sweet Life said...

What a wonderful area to live! Tons of yummy apples in fall.

a pina colada said...

Great thing to collect! Love it. It's so fall.

Heather said...

Love the print.

Hubs makes apple cider and it just reminds me that the cider season will soon be upon us and I look forward to the happiness and glee he has preparing it for us.

I will let you know what I do with the print.