Finds* Weleda Natural Deodorant

I have been looking for a natural deodorant for years, years I tell you! Remember the trend of using the crystal that was suppose to keep you odor free? It didn't work at all. With some hesitation and after Weleda made claims on twitter of having a natural deodorant that actually worked I challenged them. They sent me some bottles of their spray deodorant to give a try. Not only did I try it I had my teen boys {you know the perfect age for some good B.O.} try it too. Results- very pleasantly surprising. It worked! It lasted as long as my old standby of the past 20 years. It keep odor away even in the hot subways of New York City and walking for hours around the city. The boys also kept odor free.
Note- It is only a deodorant so it isn't meant to keep you from sweating so I noticed more sweat than with the old standby but not as much as I would without using anything.
I love the Sage scent. It's fresh and clean. My daughter loves the rose scent. They are scented with pure essential oils. Let me know if it works for you.


SpecialK said...

Any manly scents in the mix? Did your boys go for sage, or did they prefer another?

It would be nice just to get away from the burn of aerosol propellants.

April~Living the Sweet Life said...

My boys did like the sage. They also liked the citrus. Both are a fresh scent and gender neutral.