Design Elements * Front Doors

A front door invites your guests into your home so in most cases you want to make it the focal point on your exterior. Would you choose a lovely color such as lime green or robins egg blue? I love the cranberry. I think it would be nice with ivy and climbing roses but then again so would the red, green, blue or yellow.
We choose a cranberry shade for our front door. It makes all the difference against the taupe colored exterior.  It makes me happy every time I drive up to the house. Any of these colors would be amazing! 

my cranberry red front door

cranberry door ~ our inspiration color
( if this is you door photo please let me know so we can credit you)

Have you painted your front door? What color is it?


Becky said...

love all these doors! i am currently a fan of red doors. love your cranberry!

Adrian's Crazy Life said...

Nope, but ours is all glass and fancy. I love it, but it came with the house. I'm security conscious, so I would have had a steel door with deadbolts & stuff. I love your cranberry color - similar to the color in my entry way.

Hilary said...

Ooo... I love those colors! Maybe I should paint my screen door, as that's mostly waht you see at our house.
Could you do something about cute screen doors? :)

Michelle said...

I love the mossy shades of green! I would love a door in that color!

monkeyDluffy said...
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