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I am a brand ambassador for Ralph Lauren. I am super excited. I love Ralph Lauren. If I had to choose one style to wear the rest of my life it would be Ralph Lauren's. I remember looking at the ads in my teens thinking I wish I was a Ralph Lauren model so I could be in those photos. Being an ambassador for Ralph Lauren includes many fun perks such as attending a swanky cocktail party at the Ralph Lauren reading room in Manhattan. Yes, it is as beautiful and amazing as you can image a reading room {large two level library with a beautiful fireplace, dark woods and comfy leather sofas and arm chairs} by Ralph Lauren.

Another benefit of being a brand ambassador is getting to know more about the company including philanthropic initiative such as Ralph Lauren's Pink Pony Auction which is in it's 10 year. The proceeds for the auction do to Breast Cancer prevention and awareness. It also goes to help those with financial needs to get quality cancer care. This is so important! In addition 10% if the sales of Pink Pony items goes to the Pink Pony Fund.
With my new awareness of how breast cancer can effect me genetically through my dad as well as my mom's family I am so happy to see a wonderful and successful program.
Have you ever dreamed of meeting Ralph Lauren? Want to ride with Lance Armstrong? How about having your child as a Ralph Lauren model? These are some of the very exciting things you can bid on at the Pink Pony Auction. If your budget is a bit smaller you can buy some of the beautiful Pink Pony items.
The Ralph Lauren Pink Pony Auction goes until October 21st.
Click here to bid Ralph Lauren Pink Pony Auction 

I am a participant in a Mom Central Consulting campaign for Ralph Lauren and have received various Ralph Lauren products as part of my participation.


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Becky said...

How wonderful to be involved with Ralph Lauren. Thanks for sharing, their pink pony initiative sounds so great. I just headed over to their site and the items for auction and sale look great.

I would have never known about this...glad they have you as an ambassador!