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New York is the sort of place you will want to do some research of the history of the city district you will be visiting. It is full of amazing places and bits of history that you will miss if you don't look carefully. Each section of the city is filled with so many treasures you could spend days just in one area. Chelsea is one of these districts in the city.
Chelsea Market is another reason I love New York, located from Ninth to 10th Avenue and 15th to 16th Street. It's filled with wonderful shops but is also filled with a rich history steeped in Americana. Once the house of the National Biscuit Company the building was where Oreos were first made. The ovens also turned out long time favorites such as Vanilla Wafers, Saltines, and Fig Newtons.

The building is now a maze of wonderful culinary delights from Eleni's Cupcakes and Fat Witch Brownies to Amy's Bread and more.

One of my favorites is The Filling Station. They have a large selection of salts and olive oils you can buy by the weight. I'm a huge salt fan. When I was little I liked to sprinkle some in my hand and eat it straight. {Not all salt is the iodized salt in the round can from the super market.} Each salt has a small tasting sample so you can see the difference your self before buying.

Fresh streamed lobster anyone? You can get it here.

With your food ready to go head over to the new High Line Park right across from Chelsea Market. The park is an above ground park that was created on the old High Line train tracks. It has beautiful view of the water front.
I had the pleasure of spending the morning and lunch with The Family Dish ladies touring Chelsea Market and enjoying time up at the High Line.
One of my favorite things about Chelsea Market is the little bits of the building's history that is still in tacked.

Chelsea Market is worth the visit while in New York City.


Becky said...

April! I love Chesea Market. My favorite place is the milk bar. I'll have to get salts next time. What was your favorite salt?

April~Living the Sweet Life said...

I'm not sure I have a favorite. I love them all.

Anonymous said...

Definitely worth the visit!