Merry Sweet Life Christmas!

{this is our cute Christmas card we sent out from}
This has been an amazing year! I visited New York City for the first time. Saw my first real live Broadway play. Fell in love with the city and was able to go again and love it even more. I got to see my sister's and their families in Vermont. Visited Indiana of all places. Spoke as some at conferences and co-hosted an amazing party at Blogher '10 in New York City. And, started a magazine! I have worked with some great companies and great people. It has been quite the year for me in my business life. It has also been a fun year watching my kids grow up and come way to close to driving & dating age which quickly leads to college age! I have also watched them become great young men and women. I know all these years of teaching manners, respect and hard work is starting to show in their polite comments, helping hands{without asking!} and compassion for others. It is my last year in my 30's which I must confess freaks me a out a bit because when you are growing up and in your 20's you never really think about what you will be doing beyond 40!
We hope you have a Merry Christmas in our Sweet Valley or wherever you may be. Remember to Expect Miracles every day even when you think all hope is gone. I promise it will get better and things will work out. Thanks so much for reading Sweet Life in the Valley.


Melissa said...

I popped in from 5 Minutes for Mom. What a great site and looks like an awesome magazine! I'm glad I stumbled by. :)
Merry Christmas to your family! sounds like you had a fun one!
It's encouraging to hear that you're seeing such great qualities in your children. I'm a mother to toddlers right now and some days it feels like a lot of work goes into teaching but they're still crazy little monsters! ;)
Happy New Year and I'll be back to read more of your sweet blog!

Susan (5 Minutes For Mom) said...

Oh my goodness, is that you in the picture or do you have 4 children????

Merry Christmas.

And here's to a new year that's as good or even better than your last.