Lifestyle * Owning 2011- Honeysuckle colored and all!

Last year was one of the very hardest financial years for my little family which is saying a lot since I have lived through some pretty tight budget years. It has also been a year filled with many great opportunities. I was able to go to New York City twice {and not just your run of the mill trips either. I'm talking luxury trips including drivers who are holding up a sign with my name on it, nice dinners, ride through Central Park at night with the most dreamy view, Broadway plays and all!}, a visit with my sisters in Vermont {a real treat I don't get see them very often}, attend the BlogHer conference {I have been wanting to do this for three years now}, work with some great companies, and most excitingly start my very own magazine! It is only by Expecting Miracles, looking in places that seemed impossible have these things opened up to me as I needed or even wanted them {sans money}. I was able to do all the amazing and fun things even though the financial year was super tough. Things can come to you and not cost you money. I know I have lived it! I have deemed 2010 the year of miracles because I have done almost all of these things on little or absolutely any money of my own. 2011 will be a year filled with even more miracles beyond my wildest dreams. Thanks to everyone who has been a part of the these miracles! It is though good people and good hearts our lives are made better each day.

I am so owning 2011. It is my year. Even the Pantone color of the year, honeysuckle is my signature color! {see it on my Expect Miracles jar above}  It is my year for Dreams to Come True.
Happy New Year Everyone & remember to Expect Miracles every day!


Michelle said...

I love this April! I hope all of your dreams do come true, and I wish you a fabulous 2011!

Ashley said...

I love this and that color too! Although I'm not so sure on the name. Visting from mormon mommy blogs :)