Sweet Family Traditions * Waffle Wednesdays

We have a new family tradition the whole family loves-Waffle Wednesdays. On Waffle Wednesdays we have waffles for dinner, rather than breakfast. Every week we will choose a new topping such as fresh strawberries & real whipped cream, homemade peach syrup from the peaches we froze last summer, bananas with caramel sauce and course maple syrup. We've even considered making a savory waffle topping. We also decided to mix it up with the shape of waffles from Belgium waffles to heart waffles and plain simple square waffles.

We use our Cinnamon Whole Wheat Waffle recipe. If we decided to do the savory waffles I think I will leave out the cinnamon and vanilla.

After getting back from Vermont and tasting all the sweet fresh maple syrup I felt so spoiled. Nothing is like pure Vermont Maple syrup but the price keeps us from having it all the time. I was over the moon thrilled to find out Log Cabin is now free from high fructose corn syrup!!!! I won't eat syrups, sauces, candies and the such with high fructose corn syrup. We will be having a lot more maple favored syrup in our waffles, pancakes and French toast. And more syrup for our new Waffle Wednesdays.

Thanks Log Cabin for sponsoring our updated traditions post. Log Cabin Syrups are all free of High Fructose Corn Syrup. They're great for breakfast, dinner and other update traditions in your home. I am a member of Clever Girls Collective, We both believe in Blog With Integrity.

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