Disney's Cars 2 Movie Premier * Sweet Family Life

When Joanie & I were off checking out the Zermatt Resort our kids went to the premier of Disney's Cars 2 with Grandma compliments of Any Hour Services-Utah Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning and Electrical & Half Price Utah. The kids {teens & little ones} had a great time.

My teens were 8 & 10 when the first Cars movie came out. My 8 year old was obsessed. He collected all the toys, looked up route 66 on Google maps and even wanted to move to Arizona. When he heard about Cars 2 coming out he was excited of course in a cool teen way to be excited about your favorite childhood movie.

Now their little cousins are big fans of the movie. I love it when the big kids & the little kids can see a movie together and enjoy it.
Have you seen it yet?

Thanks to Any Hour Services & Half Price Utah for inviting our family to a wonderful night of family memories, goodies, and a great family movie. Everyone was impressed with your attention to details.

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