In The Garden * First Fruits

The first signs of a garden harvest are in my garden. This year I planted 5 varieties of peppers. This is my first Jalapeno popping out.

Over the weekend I roasted peppers with chef Jeffrey Saad at the Waldorf Astoria in Park City. I am so excited to try roasting each of the varieties and tasting the differences in their flavors and planning recipes around them.

This is my first heirloom tomato growing nicely. It's the first year I have grown heirloom tomatoes and they are coming along wonderfully.

The basil is ready to use. Tonight we are making grilled margarita pizzas with garden fresh basil on top. And for dessert we are making these yummy chocolate chip cookies.

All the herbs are coming along very well. I am so exited for my dill. I am going to be pickling thin sliced onions, green beans, peppers and cucumbers this year.

Much of our little forest of mint is being transplanted over in the corner of the yard under the hammock. I will make a nice cool refreshing and relaxing nap in the summer afternoons.
How is you garden coming along this year?


Julee said...

I just came in from my garden to get the camera. Your garden is lovely! You have a great variety and it is a fruition of your love and labor.

Simply the Sweet Life said...

Thanks Julee! Will you be posting your photos soon?
April-Living the Sweet Life