Sweet Family Life * #theicecreamsocial Pizza and Ice Cream Party

When I head out of town I buy my teens easy to make yummy food I know they will eat. My kids do have a more sophisticated tastes for teenagers but they always love pizza and ice cream. In fact I think we may buy more ice cream than the average family, well a lot more! Since my kids are a bit more picky with their frozen pizza we choose a good gourmet pizza such as Digiorno pizza. That is one tasty pizza .{see above} We also decided that to get Nestles Drumsticks because they are a cone ice cream and toppings all in one. Less effort equals happy teens. The kids were already and set for an ice cream & pizza party when I was gone.

But I was not going to let them have all the fun! I ate one of the drumsticks before I even got home lol.
I went back to the store and bought two more boxes to take with me on our Utah Bloggers Meetup at the Zermatt Resort. Since it was Rachel's birthday it was even better. I found the cutest ice cream cone candle to put on top too! I love that they now have they have drumsticks with and without nuts as well as all kinds of great flavors such as strawberry and mint and caramel filled YUM!
Confession: I think I ate 4 of the ice cream drumsticks myself that night. I couldn't resist!

This post has been compensated as part of a campaign for Nestlé But, as always I only write about things I truly love and I love Drumsticks. I think I am going to go buy some more right now!

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Mel said...

What a cute idea with the candle in the Drumstick! Love it!:)