A Little Note * Pure Essential Oils

Just a little note to let everyone to know I decided to start selling doTerra pure essential oils again. I use them so much for so many things from cooking & baking & candy making to making my own kitchen cleaner to helping my major migraines so I thought it might be a good idea to get them at whole sale pricing.

If anyone has ever wanted to try pure essential oils for cooking, baking or candy making they make great favor oils. I am getting the Cinnamon oil, Orange Oil, Peppermint Oil, and Wintergreen Oil for making candies for the holidays this year. I make my Lemon & Lime cupcakes with the lemon & lime pure essential oils for the flavoring. The Orange oil would be great for cupcakes and frosting too!

- I love to use the Peppermint oil in my water when I exercise. It gives me a little pick up to keep going.

- I use the Lavender on my kids pillows to help them get to sleep. Lavender helps with relaxing.

- I also love to use Melaleuca for any kind of fungal, bacteria or viral topical problems. One time my son got a staph infection from a public pool slide and the first thing I did was have him take a bath with the Melaleuca in it. It nipped the infection in the bud before we were even able to get to the Dr. the next day. It is one of my first aid must haves.

- One oil blend I always keep on hand includes the Breathe Respiratory Blend which is like vicksvapo rub but without the petrochemicals in it. I mix my Breathe oil with some coconut oil and rub on chest and the bottom of feet. It's great for colds and allergies.

- For migraines the perfect combo is mixing a couple of drops of peppermint oil with a couple of drops of lavender oil and rub on forehead temples and back of neck. I then use a heating pad/rice bag and put it on the back of my neck. Add some caffeine and a dark quite room and I feel much better.

If you want to order some pure essential oils let me know and I will place an order for you subject oils


P.S. If you already get oils from the health food or natural food store doTerra pure essential oils are most likely the same price or less and most likely a much better quality too. 

note-all opinions are my own.

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